Wolf Works DAO
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Wolf Works DAO is a unique organization that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its stakeholders. Unlike traditional organizations, which are run by executives and managers, Wolf Works is entirely decentralized, with every decision made through consensus among the stakeholders. Its structure is completely dynamic and adaptive, meaning that it will always be adapting to changes in the external environment.

The Past

In June of 2021, Liti Capital SA launched a new and innovative crypto company that merged traditional private equity with smart contracts. The company, which was registered and regulated in Switzerland, was only the third or fourth company to be granted the right to offer digital shares, known as $LITI tokens. Like traditional stocks, holders of $LITI receive dividends and voting rights. However, owning $LITI requires KYC verification. To address this challenge, Liti Capital also released a second token called $wLITI. This ERC20 token was DeFi-friendly and offered many more benefits than regular $LITIs, including the ability to be traded or swapped easily without KYC requirements. Despite these advantages, however, one drawback of the $wLITI was that it paid no dividends to its holders. Nevertheless, it represented an exciting convergence of emerging technologies and innovative approaches to finance.
When a few forward-thinking investors came together to create wLiti DAO, they were motivated by a shared vision of creating an open, decentralized community that offered the same benefits as traditional investment communities. To accomplish this goal, they created the $WLD token, which was designed to give $wLITI holders the same advantages as $LITI token holders.
As the DAO grew and evolved, it gained many new members and partnerships. With its well-established governance structure, the DAO was able to make decisions and take actions that were in the best interest of all of the stakeholders, while also allowing for independence and flexibility.
The $WLD token was eventually unpegged from $wLITI token. The $wLITI / $LITI tokens still sit in Wolf Works DAO's treasury though. This change effectively transformed the DAO into an independent entity, which continued to expand through strategic partnerships, investments in promising crypto projects, and the development of unique services to benefit all stakeholders. Soon after the tokens were unpegged, the name changed from "wLiti DAO" to "Wolf Works DAO."

The Present

Wolf Works DAO has been around for a little over half a year and in that time it has grown significantly. While the organization is still relatively young, it has already generated returns and distributions for its members. There are now over 1,800 $WLD holders and more assets held in Wolf Works DAO's treasury. To date, Wolf Works DAO has invested in a wide variety of assets and projects, including startups, litigation finance, and other cryptocurrencies. The diversity of the treasury provides stability and security for Wolf Works DAO, while also potentially generating returns in the future.

The Future

The long-term goal of the Wolf Works DAO is to become one of the world's leading decentralized organizations. To achieve this ambitious goal, the organization has laid a strong foundation for growth and development. Over the past year, it has introduced a range of innovative features that have positioned it for success in the years to come. These include a cutting-edge blockchain infrastructure, advanced platforms for collaboration and communication, and external marketing channels that raise awareness about its projects around the world. As a result, we have no doubt that Wolf Works DAO will thrive as one of the top decentralized organizations in the future. Looking to the future, Wolf Works DAO plans to continue investing in a wide range of ventures in order to maximize returns for its members.