Wolf Works DAO
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Wolf Works DAO is run and governed by its members through the use of a governance token ($WLD). One $WLD is equal to one vote, giving stakeholders direct control over decision-making within the organization. Using this system, stakeholders can vote on proposals for potential actions that Wolf Works DAO can execute. These proposals could involve anything from allocating funds to different ventures or teams to participating in voting on external DAOs.
The governance token allows members of Wolf Works DAO to have full control over the organization's treasury, which can be used to fund various projects and ventures. Depending on the proposal in question, resources from the treasury might be distributed to individual teams or directly allocated toward a particular venture. Wolf Works DAO is transparent and auditable, and all transactions are publicly visible on the blockchain.

Snapshot Platform

Official Snapshot Space - https://snapshot.org/#/wlitidao.eth
At Wolf Works DAO, we rely on the Snapshot Platform to facilitate off-chain voting among our members. Whether you are creating proposals or voting on existing ones, Snapshot makes the process quick and hassle-free without the need for paying gas fees.


Within the Wolf Works DAO, proposals are a powerful tool for facilitating community engagement. Through proposals, stakeholders are able to submit ideas for actions that they believe the DAO should take, allowing them to have a voice in the organization's decision-making processes. Proposals can be submitted via the Snapshot platform, which provides a democratic voting mechanism for evaluating and determining whether or not potential actions should be carried out. By empowering stakeholders to take an active role in shaping their own future, proposals help to promote greater collective ownership and collaboration within Wolf Works. As such, they play a crucial role in supporting and guiding the expansion of this organization.

Proposal Rules

  • Wolf Works DAO uses Snapshot's "basic voting" system. In this system, voters can choose "For", "Against", or "Abstain." To pass, a proposal must have more "For" votes than "Against" votes.
  • Proposals must have a minimum voting period of 7 days

Examples of Proposals

  • Creating and issuing NFTs
  • Upgrading contracts
  • Have the Wolf Works DAO Treasury make an investment
  • Have the Wolf Works DAO Treasury make a donation
  • $WLD buybacks
  • Distributions from the treasury to $WLD holders

Passed Proposals

#3 Unwrap $wLITI tokens to $LITI tokens

#2 Renaming the DAO from "wLiti DAO" to "Wolf Works DAO"

#1 Use half of the revenue from NFT secondary sales for buybacks of $WLD