Wolf Works DAO
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Scouting - Q3 2021

✅ Research assets
✅ Identifying problems in the blockchain industry
✅ Network with industry professionals

Prepping - Q4 2021

✅ Design the mechanics of Wolf Works DAO
✅ Solidify strategic partnerships
✅ Begin development of Wolf Works DAO


Launch - Q1 2022

✅ $WLD token smart contract developed
✅ Certik audit started
✅ WLD token deployed to Polygon mainnet
✅ Ownership of $WLD smart contract transferred to Wolf Works treasury
✅ $wLITI deposits opened
✅ 1.5B+ $wLITI deposited and 1.5B+ $WLD minted
✅ $1M private sale sold out
✅ $WLD listed on QuickSwap
✅ DEX liquidity locked for 1 year using Unicrypt
✅ $10M market cap achieved $20M market cap achieved
✅ $wLITI deposits closed with 1.9B+ $wLITI deposited and 1.9B+ $WLD minted
✅ Listed on CoinMarketCap
✅ Listed on CoinGecko
✅ Early DAO Member NFT (to use as a \badge) airdropped to all $WLD holder
✅ Wolf Pack NFT deployed
✅ All Wolf Pack NFTs minted
✅ Wolf Pack NFTs revealed
✅ Added VIP status to Wolf Pack NFTs
✅ First distribution of 95000 USDC to $WLD holders
✅ Begin development of Wolf Insurance

Q2 2022

✅ First governance proposal passed. Allocates 5% of Wolf Pack NFT fees to $WLD buybacks
✅ First buyback of 388k $WLD
✅ Started Ambassador program
✅ Started Wolf Certification referrals program
✅ Legendary Wolf Pack NFTs reveal

Q3 2022

✅ Proposal to change the name from wLitiDAO to Wolf Works DAO passed
✅ First project to use Wolf Certification
✅ First project to use Wolf Insurance
✅ First project to use Wolf Launchpad
✅ Established as a reinsurer under Relm Insurance
✅ Expand insurance offerings
✅ $COAX added to the portfolio
✅ Proposal to unwrap $wLITI to $LITI passed

Q4 2022

✅ Launch Wolf Works Docs site
✅ Launch new Wolf Works site
✅ Launch the wallet viewer app
✅ Launch $WLD swap app
✅ Launch the analytics page to view portfolio information
✅ Engage influencers and other communities for marketing
Achieve $50M market cap
Achieve $100M market cap

2023 - 2025


First case payout (based on estimations from Liti Capital)
First reputable CEX
$WLD mapped to Ethereum
$WLD cross-chain (Ex. Binance Smart Chain)
Get on two more reputable CEXs
Achieve $500M+ market cap
Host the first physical Wolf Works event
Rename the $WLD token contract from wLitiDAO to WolfWorksDAO
Engage in more partnerships
Certify or insure 25+ more companies and projects