Wolf Works DAO
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Get Funding

Wolf Works DAO supports teams and ventures so they can continue to create groundbreaking work. To that end, we have a process for those who wish to receive funding. We take into account many factors, including the team's experience, the strength of the project, and its potential impact. In order to get funding, the members of Wolf Works DAO will have to vote on a proposal approving the funding.

Ways to Apply

1. Fill out a Form

  1. 2.
    Select the "Get Funding Application" form
  2. 3.
    Fill the form out with as much detail as possible, then submit it
  3. 4.
    One of the Wolf Works DAO admins will read your submission, then contact you
  4. 5.
    A proposal will be created that the members of Wolf Works DAO will vote on

2. Create a Proposal